Rules question from the courts……

Often, players will ask rules questions of me.  Here's a good one.  This question was posed as a result of circumstances that sometimes occur in recreational play due to the friendliness of a game. “Is there a rule, or is it just player courtesy for the server to wait for the receiving team to be … Continue reading Rules question from the courts……


Pickleball Uniting the World!

Pickleball really does unite the world!  Here's my latest design to celebrate the first North America vs Europe pickleball challenge - September 15, 2017 - Madrid, Spain Cotton Tee shirts, hoodies and mugs available in various colors! Click the image to purchase! (For dry fit tees and polyester crew sweatshirts, send me a message or … Continue reading Pickleball Uniting the World!

Never leave your paddle at home!

It doesn’t seem possible that August is just a day away! Time does fly when you’re having fun…..and I sure am having fun! Some of you might be thinking about last minute summer vacations before school starts, while others, particularly those who are snowbirds, might be starting to anticipate their winter destinations.  No matter where … Continue reading Never leave your paddle at home!

After thoughts from the Glass City Classic tournament…..

Last weekend, Toledo Pickleball Club hosted their annual fundraising tournament, the Glass City Classic at their courts in Rossford, Ohio.  The tournament offered men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles.  These events were completed over three days with a total of 236 matches played.  Players came from near and far, including … Continue reading After thoughts from the Glass City Classic tournament…..

Teaching beginners……start at the beginning

There are many different theories and methods for teaching beginners the game of pickleball.  Many clubs offer beginner lessons and skills clinics.  More and more players and professionals are offering their knowledge for a fee, every one sharing a different philosophy. I too have my own philosophy on how best to teach beginners and I've … Continue reading Teaching beginners……start at the beginning